VA Benefits for Residents of Georgia

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VA Benefits for Residents of Georgia Georgia Veterans Financial Benefits Homestead Tax Exemption: As of 2022, retirees under 62 can exclude $17,500 of military retirement income. Those with over $17,500 in earned income can exclude an additional $17,500. Property Tax Exemption: 100% disabled Veterans, those receiving VA disability for vision or limb loss, and their […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Tennessee

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Tennessee Veteran Financial Benefits County Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax Any former POW or 100% permanently and totally disabled Veteran is exempt from the county motor vehicle privilege tax. Disabled Veterans Property Tax Relief Property tax relief for certain 100% disabled Veterans for up to $175,000 of the property’s assessed value and their surviving spouses for […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Connecticut

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Connecticut Veteran Financial Benefits Property Tax Exemptions Veterans, who have ninety days of wartime service, including Merchant Marines, who served during WWII, are eligible for a $1,500 exemption for property tax purposes (e.g., real property or automobiles). You have the option to choose to apply this exemption to your real estate or automobile tax. Certain Veterans, who […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Florida

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Florida Veteran Financial Benefits Basic Property Tax Exemptions Resident Veterans with VA disability of at least 10% can get a $5,000 deduction on their home’s assessed value.  The unremarried surviving spouse who had been married to the Veteran for at least 5 years may also entitled to this exemption. Homestead Exemption Florida resident Veterans with an honorable discharge […]

VA Benefits for Residents of New Mexico

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New Mexico Veteran Financial Benefits: Income Tax: Active duty military pay is tax-free. Beginning in 2022, up to $10,000 of military retirement is tax-free. That amount increases to $20,000 in 2023, and to $30,000 after that. Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption: Any veteran who rated 100% service-connected disabled by the VA can get a total waiver […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Texas

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Texas Veteran Financial Benefits   Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption:  Total property tax exemption for 100% disabled Veterans and their surviving spouses. Veterans with 10 – 90% VA disability can get a reduction of their home’s assessed value from $5,000 – $12,000 depending on disability percentage. Surviving spouses also qualify. Some counties offer homestead tax […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Louisiana

  Louisiana Veteran Financial Benefits Income Tax Up to $30,000 of active-duty pay is tax-free if stationed out of state for 120 consecutive days or more. Louisiana also exempts pays that are exempt from federal income taxes, including combat pay and hazardous duty pay. Retired pay and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are tax-free. Property Tax Exemptions Voters […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Michigan

Michigan Veteran Financial Benefits Income Tax Active-duty pay, retired pay, and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are exempt from state taxes. Property Tax Waiver 100% disabled veterans and those rated 100% due to individual unemployability may qualify for home tax exemption, provided they have an other-than-dishonorable discharge and are Michigan residents. Unremarried surviving spouses are also […]

VA Benefits for Residents of Arizona


VA Benefits for Residents of Arizona   Arizona State Veterans Home: Arizona operates four Veterans homes, situated in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma, providing skilled nursing facilities. To be admitted, Veterans require an honorable discharge and certification from a doctor indicating a need for skilled nursing care. Spouses are also eligible for admission.   Arizona […]

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