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VA Benefits for Residents of Georgia

Georgia Veterans Financial Benefits

  • Homestead Tax Exemption: As of 2022, retirees under 62 can exclude $17,500 of military retirement income. Those with over $17,500 in earned income can exclude an additional $17,500.
  • Property Tax Exemption: 100% disabled Veterans, those receiving VA disability for vision or limb loss, and their surviving un-remarried spouses may be exempt from property tax on their homes. The exemption amount, which varies annually, is currently $93,356. Contact the county tax assessor for details.
  • Vehicle Tax Exemption: Permanently and totally disabled Veterans, or those with VA disability for vision or limb loss, are exempt from ad valorem tax on vehicles.
  • License Fees and Special Taxes: Veterans with a VA disability of at least 10% and an honorable discharge are exempt from occupation taxes, administrative fees, or regulatory fees for 10 years.
  • Free Driver’s License: Honorably discharged Veterans and National Guard members with 20 years of service qualify for a free driver’s license. Spouses and surviving un-remarried spouses of qualifying Veterans are also eligible.

Georgia Veterans Employment Benefits

  • Employment Preference: War Veterans receive a five-point credit for state employment; Veterans with a 10% or more VA service-connected disability receive a 10-point credit.
  • Business Licenses: Honorably discharged Veterans with at least a 25% disability (10% if wartime) are exempt from occupational taxes and fees for peddling, business, or professional practice.
  • Firefighter Qualification: Military firefighter training is accepted for basic training requirements for full-time, part-time, and volunteer firefighters.

Georgia Veteran Recreation Benefits

  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Returning Veterans receive a free honorary hunting and fishing license for one year. All honorably discharged Veterans get a 20% discount on licenses.
  • Disabled Veterans: Veterans rated permanently and totally disabled by the VA or Defense Department receive a discounted sportsman’s license.
  • State Park Admission: Georgia resident Veterans with a service-connected disability and an honorable discharge get a 25% discount on state park entrance fees.

Additional Georgia Veteran Benefits

  • Georgia Veterans Homes Georgia has two Veterans homes, located in Augusta and Milledgeville. Honorably discharged Georgia Veterans who served during wartime are eligible for admission. A daily fee is charged, but Veterans with a 70% or higher service-connected disability or those admitted due to a service-connected condition are exempt from this fee, covered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans can apply for the federal Aid and Attendance benefit to help offset the fee.
  • Georgia State Veterans Cemeteries Veterans and their families can be buried in the Georgia State Veterans Memorial Cemeteries in Milledgeville or Glennville, meeting the same eligibility as for VA cemeteries, requiring an other-than-dishonorable discharge.

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