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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
We offer consultative services with VA disability claims and military transition. Our approach is a done-for-you service that allows you to focus on what matters most in life while we deal with the nuances of increasing your VA disability and helping you transition from the military.
For VA disability claims our process takes about 90-120 days from the time you are accepted as a client until your case is decided by the VA. These timeframes can vary due to the nature of your claim and the decision timeframe by the VA. For our other services, the timeframe can vary depending on your specific need and desired goals. 
We are a consulting firm that is comprised of Veterans, former VA Raters, medical doctors, and attorneys. We specialize in putting more money in your pocket each month for the rest of your life through the VA claim process. Our other services help you transition from the military and start, grow, or sustain your current or future business. 
Military discharge upgrades are not a subject matter that we specialize.
We keep all data behind several walls of encryption to minimize the threat of a data breach. We also request your E-benefits account information to allow for quick and error-free analysis and submission of your claim. We ask for this information to totally eliminate errors, to submit your matter in a quick and efficient manner, and to also correspond on your behalf for time-sensitive matters. 
We don’t accept every claim- only the claims that the evidence shows will yield you more money each month for the rest of your life. We accept clients by sending you an email that informs you that we have accepted you as a client. In that email, we explain the next steps and any applicable fees. 
We currently have a 98.2% success rate. We attribute this to focusing on cases that we feel confident that we can win and also to our extensive knowledge of VA ratings and what the VA will compensate. Our secret sauce is being former VA Raters, Veterans that also have 100% P&T, as well as nearly a decade of serving other Veterans. 
We assist with original claims (you have never filed a claim), claims for increase (your disability has worsened), secondary claims (one of your disabilities has caused another disability), and appeals (you disagree with the VA decision).
Yes. If you are not able to locate your medical records, we can obtain them on your behalf. 
 Studies indicate that Veterans who use a consultant or consulting firm that specializes in VA disability see their annual average benefits nearly double compared to those who seek benefits alone or through a Veteran’s Service Organization (VSO) or free of charge resource.

VA disability benefits are awarded on a percentage rating level of disability. The VA has a “Rating Schedule” that determines the percentage awarded per the type of disability. Disability compensation ranges from 0% to 100%. Veterans with spouse or children “dependents” receive larger monthly compensation, and multiple ratings are totaled into a “Combined Rating”.

If your case’s initial VA percentage is zero, we will charge a performance fee of $3000 if you are awarded 90% or less by the VA or a performance fee of $7500 if you are awarded 100%.

We only accept claims that will most likely yield a return to our client. We can’t accept every claim.

If your claim is accepted by our firm we require a $500 retainer fee representing two billable work hours. We hold in our discretion the right to assess additional billable hours for matters that extend beyond the typical scope of work or for excess work that extends beyond two hours of billable services. Any fees outside of the retainer fee shall be discussed with the client prior to billing.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept every claim, as we only accept claims that will most likely yield a return to our client. If your claim is accepted by our firm, we require a $500 retainer fee representing two billable work hours. 


Our Zero Percent Rule and Performance Fee: 


If you are rated at 0% or have no rating, our performance fee of $3,000 if you are awarded 90% or less or $7,500 if you are awarded 100%.


If you are rated at 10% or more, upon earning an increase from the VA, our performance fee is equal to either twenty percent of retroactive payment or five times the difference between your previous monthly VA entitlement and the new entitlement awarded by the VA, whichever amount is greater. 


The performance fee is not due until you’ve been awarded an increase. If the dollar amount is greater than $5,000, we offer flexible payment structures to assist with payment. We also cap our performance fee payout at $12,000.

The performance fee is not due until you’ve been awarded an increase. If the dollar amount is greater than $5,000, we offer an optional 10-month interest fee payment structure.

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