Michigan Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Active-duty pay, retired pay, and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are exempt from state taxes.

Property Tax Waiver

100% disabled veterans and those rated 100% due to individual unemployability may qualify for home tax exemption, provided they have an other-than-dishonorable discharge and are Michigan residents. Unremarried surviving spouses are also eligible.

Vehicle Registration

100% permanently and totally disabled veterans may receive free vehicle registration with a disabled veteran plate.

Emergency Assistance

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency extends emergency aid to individuals facing temporary financial challenges, covering utility bills, vehicle or home repairs, medical expenses, or other debts. Various resources are accessible, including county Soldier and Sailor Relief Funds, the Michigan Veteran Trust Fund, and National Guard Family Programs.


Michigan Veteran Employment & Education Benefits

Michigan Children of Veterans Tuition Grant

Undergraduate tuition assistance is provided to natural or adopted children of veterans permanently and totally disabled or deceased due to military service, provided they apply and receive benefits before age 26.

Michigan State Employment Veterans Preference

Veterans and certain veteran spouses receive preference for initial state employment.


Michigan Veteran Recreation Benefits

Active Duty Hunting and Fishing

Michigan residents on active duty receive free hunting and fishing licenses. Non-residents stationed in Michigan obtain licenses at resident rates.

Disabled Veteran Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Permanently and totally disabled veterans receive resident hunting or fishing licenses, excluding lottery requirements, free of charge.

State Parks 

100% permanently and totally disabled veterans enjoy free entry to Michigan state parks.

Michigan State Veterans Homes

Michigan operates three Veteran Homes located in Chesterfield Township, Grand Rapids, and Marquette.

Veterans eligible for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care or financial assistance for long-term care may seek admission. Eligibility requires discharge under conditions other than dishonorable. For those enlisting after Sept. 7, 1980, or entering active duty after Oct. 16, 1981, 24 continuous months of service or the full duty period is necessary for eligibility. Residency in Michigan is not obligatory, and admission of spouses or surviving spouses is subject to availability, with fees based on income.

Michigan State Veterans’ Burial Expenses

Under state law, eligible veterans and certain spouses/surviving spouses meeting residency and asset criteria may qualify for $300 in burial expenses, funded by the County Board of Commissioners or Board of County Auditors.

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