Our Advantage is Our Team

Founded by a combat veteran and former VA rater, no other firm can match the insider’s insight of Seven Principles. Meet our staff, and you’ll see the difference yourself.

About Us

Seven Principles was founded in 2014 by Chas Sampson in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. As a VA rater, Chas had grown frustrated seeing Veterans denied their benefits due to technicalities, missing paperwork, or simple mistakes in the filing process.

Unable to sit idly by as Veterans watched their benefits slip through their fingers, Chas began a passion project from his kitchen table to assist Veterans and their families and he hasn’t stopped since.

By early 2015 Chas had amassed so many clients that he found himself at a crossroads – either he had to start turning away Veterans in need of assistance or commit fully to helping Veterans navigate the VA Disability Claims system. The following April, the firm was incorporated into the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Chas set about building the best possible team to accomplish the mission.

Meet the Veterans and military family members working behind the scenes to ensure you WIN your VA claims case!

Knowing we have men and women in the firm who love this work and are willing to put hours each day into it keeps us going. We are the experts in what we do.

Our Team

Lynley Headshot

Lynley Elgin

Human Resources, U.S. Navy Retired

Kapri Headshot

Kapri Davis

Director of Client Affairs

Marti Headshot

Marti Russ

Veterans Service Representative, U.S. Navy Retired

James Headshot

James Hartzell

Business Systems Administrator, U.S. Army Veteran

Jonathan Headshot

Jonathan Nicklas

Marketing Manager

Jaquelyn Headshot

Jaqui Izzo

Account Manager

Jaclyn Headshot

Jaclyn Haggerty

Account Manager

Rayshell Headshot

Rayshell Pettus

Account Manager

Aly Headshot

Aly Ramsey

Finance Manager

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