Terms and Conditions

Last updated May 30, 2023

The present General Terms and Conditions determine the content of
contracts on legal services’ provision concluded between Seven Principles Group
(the company) and its Clients (the Principal) unless the other terms and
conditions were agreed on in a written agreement between the company and the

1. Scope of services

1.1. The Company will: (1) render consulting services regarding claim
correspondence from the US Department of Veterans Affairs and disability
compensation and pension governed under Title 38 of the United States Code. (2)
Providing services to include, in part, or as a whole, the following services
(see service description and comparison below). a. documented a medical review
from analyzing medical records. b. Independent medical opinions commonly
referred to as nexus letters. c. DBQs (Disability Benefits Questionnaires) d.
Coaching Sessions for VA Compensation and Pension exams e. Expert claim review
by VA claim expert or attorney f. Premiere White Glove service.

1.2.  The Client will: (1) Be truthful with the company. (2) 
Cooperate fully with the company or company’s representative’s, including
responding to requests for information. (3)  Keep the Company or company’s
representative’s informed of developments. (4)  Abide by the terms of this
agreement. (5)  Pay the Company or company’s representative’s billing
statements on time; (6) Keep the company or company’s representatives advised
of client’s address, telephone number and whereabouts; and (7) Refrain from
contacting VA without first discussing the matter with the company (8) Agree to
assign power of attorney to any of the corporation’s staff in writing or
digitally via E-benefits or any acceptable VA platform 

1.3. Term:  This Agreement shall begin on the date of the signature and
continue until the case is fully adjudicated for Premiere Client Service and
upon delivery of deliverables for DIY clients. 

1.4. The company shall also ensure to its Clients such an organization of
the services’ provision to guarantee reliable and prompt services in all cases
in which it undertook to provide consulting services.

2. Fees for Premiere Client Services: In consideration for the consulting
services, the client shall pay a non-refundable retainer fee of $500 for
customized strategy and management. There may be an additional fee for
disability benefit questionnaires, commonly referred to as DBQs. These fees
vary for each person and are optional. Please see addendum A below that outline
this fee as well as other fees that may be incurred. For any increase
where the client is rated at 30% or greater the client agrees
to pay a performance fee of five times the increase of monthly
VA compensation or 20% of retroactive payment; whichever amount is
greater from the date of signing this agreement. If the client has a current
rating of less than 20% or an initial filing (never filed a VA claim),
then the client agrees to pay a flat fee of $2,500 if awarded less than 100% or
$5,000 if awarded 100%. The performance fee is not
due until a decision has been rendered in your claim and only apply if
you receive an increase. Performance fee shall include any material changes in
the compensation amount to include dependent pay, cost of living adjustments,
and special monthly compensation.

2.1. Payment Plans for Premiere Client Services: Payment plan requires
25% of balance due at origination and a credit or debit card on file with
autopay. Payment plans may be between three months and no more than ten months.
Company may offer to client a 10% discount for full payment of balance due or
60 days same as cash. You agree for us to run the card of file for the full
amount due on the 1st of the following month after the increase unless previous
arrangements are approved by Seven Principles. 

2.2.  Late Payments for Premiere Client Service: Payment of all fees
will be due to the company no later than the 1st day of the month following
the notification of rating decision. If payment is not received within 14 days
following the 1st day of the month the client will be assessed a late fee of
$250.00 per month.  After three consecutive months of non-payment from
client, company will start legal collections efforts. If Company or
Company’s representative must pursue collection procedures because of unpaid
compensation owed to Company or Company Representative, Client will be
responsible for all collection and legal fees associated with such

2.3. Discharge or withdrawal for Premiere Client Service: The client
understands that discharging or withdrawal may result in the loss of the
ability of the Company to continue this relationship. As such, the client
agrees to contact Company to discuss any documents he or she may be requested
to sign by any other Company or Veteran Service Organization. If during the
management of the claim if the client desires to withdraw the
discharge/withdrawal fee will be billed at all times spent on the client’s
matter multiplied by the firm’s rate of $300 per hour. The company reserves the
right to withdraw its services on any or all claims, or matters should it
determine, in its sole discretion, that there is no substantial likelihood of
success on that claim or matter or in cases where the client is non-responsive.
If the client becomes non-responsive it will be deemed as a forfeiture of the
retainer fee as well as future services. If client becomes non-responsive after
all work has been completed and submitted to the VA, it will be assumed that
the client has been increased to 100% and shall be billed a performance fee of the
pay rate of 100% VA disability without dependents.

2.4. Confidentiality for all clients (DIY and Premiere Client Service):
The Company shall not disclose to any third party any details regarding the
Client’s records, including, without limitation any information regarding any
of the Client’s medical information, health status, or monthly compensation
(the “Confidential Information”), (ii) make copies of any Confidential
Information or any content based on the concepts contained within the
Confidential Information for personal use or for  distribution unless
requested to do so by the Client, or (iii) use Confidential Information other
than solely for the benefit of the Client.    . 

3. Manner of performing consulting services

3.2. The company shall decide on its own on entrusting the provision of
legal assistance in respective cases or of entrusting the performance of
respective activities in a given case to VA disability experts, medical
doctors, and attorneys who are members of the company’s permanent team, taking
into account the type of the case or the activity, the time limit for its
performance, qualifications of a given expert and their knowledge of the
clients matters, however, the overall organization of work on the clients
matters will ensure the organizational and cost-related optimization of
consulting services. The Company agrees that it shall provide its expertise to
the client for all matters pertaining to analyzing medical records and
correspondence from the US Department of Veterans Affairs and disability
compensation and pension. The Company are consultants and not accredited by the
office of general counsel and may defer the case to its internal claim’s agents
or attorneys for representational purposes in front of the United States
Department of Veterans Affairs, as applicable, and with consent of client. The
Client understands that the Company is experienced in the claim’s procedure
before the Department of Veterans Affairs, and that it will be responsible for
determining the best strategy for success. If a dispute arises between the
Client and the Company as to the best strategy to use, or on any matter, the
Client agrees to defer to the Company’s judgment and will cooperate with
Company’s advice. 

3.3.  Disclaimer of Guarantee: Nothing in this agreement and nothing
in company’s statements to Client will be construed as a promise or guarantee
about the outcome of Client’s matter. Company makes no such promises or
guarantees. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
the laws of the State of Virginia without reference to any conflicts of law
provisions. The non- prevailing party in any dispute under this agreement shall
pay all costs and expenses, including expert witness fees and attorneys’ fees,
incurred by the prevailing party in resolving such dispute. Each party hereby
submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of Virginia and waives any venue or other
objection against, any federal court. Each party agrees that all claims and
matters may be heard and determined in any such court and each party waives any
right to object to such filing on venue, forum non- convenient, or similar

4. Final provisions & Addendum

DIY clients are considered discharged as a client after payment and
delivery of requested services. The success of your claim as a DIY client is
not part of Seven Principles success rate and it is understood that choosing
the DIY service that you are competent in the requirements of needed to
succeed in your VA claim. You are recognized by the company as a pro se
claimant and aware of the legal requirements needed to represent yourself in
front of the VA.   


Addendum A  

PURPOSE: This purpose of this addendum is to inform you about our fee
structure and which cost may be applicable to a successful outcome in your
case. As each case is customized to each person these fees, to its entirety may
or may not apply to you. Specifically, the fees that have the word ‘required’
are fees that you must pay. Fees that have the word ‘not required’ are fees
that are not required but may be needed to help your claim reach its fullest


FEE SCHEDULE (Premiere White Glove Service)  


Cost (Very little upfront cost)

Retainer Fee

$500 (required one-time fee)

Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) 

$500/per (not required, but may be effective in your case)

Medical Review Fee


Coaching Sessions


Attorney Review & Strategy  


Dedicated Account Manager


Quality Assurance Analysis  


Standard Performance Fee (after claim is increased)

5 times the increase in monthly VA disability compensation. If the
Veteran is rated at 20% or below it shall be $2,500 if increased to less than
100% or $5,000 if increased to 100%, or 20% of retroactive pay, whichever
amount is greater.  




Cost (All Cost Paid Upfront)

Retainer Fee


Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) 

$750/per DBQ

Medical Record Review Fee

$350 (extensive review of entire file by medical doctor)

Nexus Letter

$500/per letter

C&P Exam Coaching Sessions

$150 per condition

VA Claim Review and Analysis

$600 (per claimed condition)

Supplemental Claim/Appeal/HLR Fee


Standard Performance Fee



Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a performance fee, and how is it calculated?

A performance fee is the fee that is paid once your VA claim has been
decided. If your claim is increased, you shall pay five times the increase. If
the Veteran is rated at 20% or below, it shall be $2,500 if increased to less
than 100% or $5,000 if increased to 100%. We have provided the example below to
illustrate how this is calculated.  

New VA Percentage and pay: 80% at $1,657.80

Subtract Old VA Percentage and pay: 30% at $435.69

Equates to $1222.11

Multiplying by 5 equals $6,110.55

We also offer 10% off if you would like to pay the entire balance in full
immediately, which in this case would amount to $5,499.50.

What is a DBQ?

A DBQ is a disability benefits questionnaire and can be viewed as the glue
that holds a VA claim together. DBQs range from 4-10 pages in length and must
be completed by a licensed psychologist or physician. A DBQ informs the VA of
the severity of your claim and allows a decision-maker to rate your claim at a
certain percentage. Although it is not necessary for a VA claim, having one
filled out by our medical professionals is highly advised. Imagine a DBQ as
your driver’s license. You may not always carry it, but you would hate to get
pulled over without it.

What is a nexus letter?       

A nexus letter is a professional medical/legal document, generated in
support of a veteran’s claim for compensation. Its purpose is to provide
additional medical arguments when needed, to define or clarify the following:
1) a medical/mental disorder; 2) the medical logistics of the connection
between certain diseases/disorders;  3) how certain diseases/disorders can
increase the severity/pain other diseases/disorders; 4) to demonstrate
connection of a medical condition to the veteran’s military service; 5) the
expert medical narrative is supported by utilizing evidence based medical and
public health research from academic and scholarly sources, adding necessary
credence and reinforcement to your claim for compensation.  

How much is this going to cost me? For our premiere client services, we
typically advise our clients to budget for one DBQ plus the retainer fee, which
brings the total upfront cost to $1000 (retainer fee (500) plus one DBQ at $500
per DBQ). This number is not consistent for each client. Some clients may pay
more, while other clients may only pay the $500 retainer fee. It’s contingent
on your case. We will always work with you to provide a payment plan if needed
and will find creative strategies to lower your costs to provide you with the
greatest return. Before we assess a fee, we will always communicate with you to
inform you of the total cost and the benefit of that cost to your case. You
will have full disclosure and notification before being assessed a fee. 

For DIY clients the cost is computed upon
checkout and must be paid at once.


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