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VA Disability Claims

VA Disability Claims - Seven Principles

In the long term many Veterans end up leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on table. We specialize in making sure all of your disabilities are compensated at the proper levels by analyzing your medical records, your current service-connected disabilities, and the potential for your VA disability to reach the highest percentage possible.

Military Transitioning

Military Transitioning - Seven Principes

You are about to retire or ETS from the military. You’ve heard of the crazy stories of being denied your claim or not getting all you deserve. While you are preparing to transition from military service we can begin the process of strategically putting your claim together so you can win upon exit. 

DBQs/Nexus Letters

DBQs/Nexus Letters - Seven Principles

Having a medical doctor available to substantiate your claim with credible medical evidence is a huge aspect of winning your claim. Our medical doctors and psychologist are board-certified and can provide nexus letters and DBQs for your specific claim based on the evidence that we find in your records. 

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VA Claim Three-Step Process

Step 1: Schedule your consultation call so we can identify your exact needs. During this call, we will discuss your personal needs, your goals, our process, and any applicable fees. You can schedule your consultation by clicking here:

Step 2: After your call, you will be sent an intake form. Please complete and submit that form so we can advise you on what’s best for your individual claim. Upon submission of this form, you will be contacted to discuss a strategy to meet your needs.

Step 3: Sit back and relax while we do all the work for you. Yes, it’s that easy! We have made serious investments in our use of technology so you can do all of this without ever leaving your home or office. We work 100% digital and can serve you no matter where you live in the world. If you prefer an in-person visit, we can accommodate you as well.

Military Transitioning

Leaving the military? About to retire?

Having a trusted advisor that will advise you on each step before you retire or leave the military is critical for winning as a civilian. Our strategic approach will allow you to avoid pitfalls that you may not realize as you prepare to go through the VA claim process. 

Our transitional services starts with an in depth medical analysis followed by ways to sultanate your evidence while you are about to leave the military. This analysis will be developed organically and customized to help you navigate the C&P process, submit the proper claims and documents and ultimately maximize your VA disability percentage. 

DBQs/ Nexus Letters

What is a DBQ?
A DBQ is a disability benefits questionnaire. Its a documents that is provided by the VA to ascertain the severity of your condition. Each condition has it independent DBQ and must be completed by a board certified medical doctor or psychologist. 

Nexus letters goes beyond just identifying your medical condition. A nexus letter also identifies how a diagnosis is caused by an event in service. A nexus letter can also be used in cases where one service-connected condition can cause another condition to develop. 

Why our doctors?
Our doctors are advocates for Veterans and are relentless at identifying the evidence in your claim. We believe that if the evidence is there and the medical burden of proof exist; then the Veteran should be compensated. 

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